Wisconsin Sewing Company

Treasured textile creations by Denise Larson

My Mission

I design and create high quality memorial pillows, custom bags and masks you will love!

My Process and Products

I am honored to be trusted with memorializing loved ones and I meet others right where they are on their path, with tears and sometimes long pauses to let the healing in. I believe this is the work I was always meant to do.

I offer people my hands, my heart and my eye for design. I map out a path to share feelings, memories, and stories. I commit hours of time to carefully cut, stitch and create something wonderful that only existed in their hearts until I came along. I honor what was and what it will become.

I offer ways to cherish yesterday with memorial items such as aprons and pillows. I participate in boutique shops with an ever-changing stash of today’s fun and functional home goods such as embroidered pillows, headbands, and home goods. I collaborate with those in end of life care on legacy projects like wall hangings and thoughtful gifts for future generations.

Wisconsin Sewing Company